Vietnam SIM card for the Viettel network in Vietnam. This pre-paid SIM is loaded with 30,000 VND (Vietnamese Dong) of calling credit which has a validity of 60 days. Viettel SIM is one if the largest mobile phone network operator in Vietnam and, as a result, have the brilliant network coverage with their Vietnam SIM cards.

Purchase your Vietnam SIM Card from us today and give out your new Vietnam number to friends, family and business colleagues before you leave.

Using this SIM Card is about 95% cheaper for local and international calls compared to paying roaming charges from your home mobile phone network provider.

If you require, we can email you your new Vietnam SIM card mobile phone number after receiving your cleared payment at our PayPal Checkout and your SIM card registration details.

This Vietnam SIM is designed for use in unlocked/SIM free cell phones and Smartphones that support the GSM 850/900/1900 MHz cellular network bands. The majority of cell phones, Smartphones and cellular networks around the world use these frequencies. More information on GSM frequency bands can be found here.


ALL incoming calls and SMS text messages are FREE.

Local calls to a number within Vietnam will cost just 1.79 VND per minute and SMS text messages to another mobile phone within Vietnam are 250 VND per SMS text message.

International calls to a number outside of Vietnam will cost from 3,600 VND per minute and international SMS text messages cost 2,500 VND per SMS text message.

Internet Access/Mobile Data is available via the Viettel 3G network. The cost is 250 VND per megabyte. You can also subscribe to a mobile data plan for 7, 14 or 30 days which works out a lot cheaper than paying per megabyte. We will send details of the Viettel mobile data plans and how to activate with your SIM card.


You can buy Viettel top-up scratch cards from many places in Vietnam such as Family Mart, Circle K, BIG C and just about every roadside food & drink/tobacco seller stall.


If you have an unlocked/SIM free SmartPhone that uses a micro-SIM (iPhone 4, Samsung S3/S4, etc) or nano-SIM (iPhone 5/5S/6 etc) then we can send you the correct sized SIM for your phone. Please let us know which SIM card size your require by emailing us or by putting ‘micro-SIM’ or ‘nano-sim’ in the ‘Add Note to Seller’ box at our PayPal checkout. If you do not specify the SIM card size, then we will send you a standard sized SIM card (as pictured in this product listing).


Under Vietnamese Law, all SIM cards must be registered with the relevant network using customer ID. We will do this for you.

We will email you the Viettel Registration Form, which you can fill out and then email us a scan of the completed form along with your anticipated arrival date in Vietnam, and a scan of your Passport’s picture page which has your your full name, date of birth, nationality, Passport number and Passport issue & expiry dates on it.

We can then register your Vietnam SIM card with the Viettel network and post it to you using Registered Airmail.

You will not be able to make or receive any calls using your Vietnam SIM card until we have registered your ID details with the network.


Upon arrival in Vietnam, simply put your Viettel SIM card into your unlocked GSM 900/1800 mobile phone, switch on your phone and call 900 to activate your Vietnam SIM card’s 30,000 VND call credit balance on the Viettel network. We also provide full instructions on how to use your Vietnam SIM and access the 3G internet service.


Viettel provide excellent network coverage across Vietnam, both in large cities and remote country areas.

We will also provide you with full support before and after you arrive Vietnam should you have any questions or need any help using your Vietnam SIM card.


Item shipped using Registered Airmail or EMS Courier by selecting your preferred shipping method at our store checkout.

Vietnam SIM Card

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