Unitel Lao SIM card with 20,000 Kip (approx. US$2.50) call credit. 12 minutes free overseas call and 50 MB data allowance included. This Laos SIM card is dual-cut which means that it can be used in cell phones and Smartphones that require either a standard size SIM or micro-SIM card.

Buy your Lao SIM card now and give out your new Laos number to friends and family prior to leaving home.

Forget about high roaming costs in Laos, buy a Unitel SIM card and you’ll save heaps on local and international calling. For $29.95 you can get your Laos SIM card by clicking the ‘Order Now’ button below,

Unitel Lao Sim

Making Calls

You get 12 minutes free overseas call to the following 24 countries:

Angola, Australia, Cambodia, Canada, China, France,Guyana, Hawaii, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, USA and Vietnam.

After you have used up your 12 minutes free call credit, the system will automatically add another call package of 12 minutes and deduct 25,000 Kip (approx US$2.50) from your balance. If you have a zero balance then you will need to top-up your Unitel Lao SIM before the system will add another 12 minute call package.

Unitel 3G Internet

The Unitel Lao SIM card comes with 50 MB data allowance giving you access to Unitel’s fast 3G network which has excellent coverage in all 17 provinces of Laos. After you have used up your initial data allowance you can subscribe to a data plan.

Lao SIM Card Top-up

You can buy top-up scratch cards for Unitel SIM cards from Unitel shops, convenience stores, roadside food & drink stalls, bus stations, travels agents and most petrol gas stations.

Laos SIM Card Registration and Activation

We will need to register your Unitel Lao SIM card with the Unitel Network. After you have completed payment, please send us a scan of your Passports picture page and we will use this for the registration with Unitel. Once you have arrived in Laos, you can simply make a call to activate your SIM card. We will send full English instruction with your Lao SIM card.


You can select either Registered Airmail or EMS Courier as your shipping method at our store checkout page.

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