Thailand SIM card for the AIS 1-2-CALL network, comes loaded with 15 Baht of call time credit, which has a validity of 30 days. The AIS 1-2-CALL Thailand SIM card will provide you with good network coverage all over Thailand.

Buying Your Sim Card Now Enables You To Give Out Your Number To Friends, Family and Business Colleagues Before You Leave Home.

If required, we can email you your new Thailand mobile phone number within 24 hours of receiving your cleared PayPal payment. Using this Thailand SIM card is about 85% cheaper for local and international calls compared to paying roaming charges from your home mobile phone network provider. Grab your AIS 12CALL SIM for $19.95 by clicking the ‘order now’ button below,

Call Charges

ALL incoming calls and SMS text messages are FREE and when you make calls to a number within Thailand it will cost you just 2 Baht per minute and SMS text messages within Thailand are just 3 Baht per SMS text message. International calls from 8 Baht per minute.

You can view the latest AIS 1 2 CALL 0500 international call rates by visiting the following link:

Call Credit Top-up

You have 30 days to use the included 15 Baht call credit balance and 30 days for additional amounts of top-up credit you add. You can buy AIS 1-2-Call top-up credit from thousands of places in Thailand (7-Eleven, Caltex petrol stations, Family Mart etc).

We also sell Thailand SIM card top up for AIS 1-2-Call SIM, which we can electronically add to your phone number no matter what country you are in. Please see our Thai Top-up Credit AIS 1-2-CalL product listing in the ‘Top-up Credit – Thailand’ category.

AIS 3G Internet/Data Service

There are several AIS data plans available from  daily, weekly and monthly. You can see the plans available in the tables below,

1 Day Plans

Thailand SIM Card

* Connection speed drops to 384kbps (GPRS) after limit is exceeded

7 Day Plans

iphone-5-SIM - Thailand SIM Card

Monthly Plans

iphone-5-SIM - Thailand SIM Card

* Connection speed drops to 384kbps (GPRS) after limit is exceeded


If you wish to make calls within your home country or within other countries outside of Thailand using your 1-2-CALL Thailand SIM card, then you will need to activate International Roaming (higher call charges apply).

We can do this for you before we ship the Thailand SIM card to you. Please type ‘International Roaming’ in the ‘Add Note To Seller Box’ when you pay with our PayPal Checkout… or you can activate later by calling AIS Customer Service from your phone when you arrive in Thailand.

Please ensure that the country(s) you wish to use the 1-2-Call Thailand sim card in are using GSM 900/1800 mobile phone networks. Most countries use the GSM 900/1800 networks.

The Thailand SIM card English instruction booklet tells you how to get in contact with English speaking AIS Customer Service, top-up your call time credit and check any AIS bonus offers available. You can also email our support team if you need help or have any questions.


If your are leaving home very soon, we can post your Thailand Sim card directly to your hotel or apartment where you’ll be staying in Thailand. We will write in Thai the date of your arrival on the envelope and the hotel/apartment reception will keep it safe until you arrive. We will send the AIS 1-2-Call Thailand SIM card to your hotel/apartment via Registered Airmail and we can email you the Registered Post tracking number so that you can track the delivery.

To arrange for your Thai simcard to be delivered to your hotel or apartment, just put in the ‘add note to seller’ box, the address of the hotel or apartment when you pay with our PayPal checkout. If you don’t inform us of a hotel or apartment address then we will send the Thai Pre-Paid Sim card to the address you provide at Checkout.

We sell call time top-up credit for your AIS 1-2-CALL Thailand SIM card which we can add to your new or existing AIS 1-2-CALL number using the electronic system. Please see our other product listing in the ‘Top-up credit Thailand‘ product category.


Item shipped using Registered Airmail or EMS Courier, which you can choose at store checkout.

AIS-12-CALL-Freedom-order - Thailand SIM Card

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