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This article will provide a review of the SIM cards for sale that are available from the various cellular networks operating in South East Asia. So whether you’re off to Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia or Vietnam, you’ll discover what’s the best SIM card deal for the country you’re planning to visit in 2012.

On a side note, it’s probably worth mentioning that when you use a local SIM card to the country you visiting, you will not have to pay any roaming charges and all incoming calls/SMS texts from your friends or family back home will be completely free!

So here’s my review on the different type of SIM cards for sale and how much its going to cost to make calls for each South East Asian countries top 3 networks…


The top 3 network operators offering SIM cards for sale in Cambodia are: Beeline, Hello and Metfone. I have listed them in order of the cheapest call rate charges.

1. Beeline network currently offer  prepaid Tourist SIM card to visitors and it has the lowest international direct dial (IDD) rates in Cambodia. Using Beeline’s pre-paid Tourist SIM you can call USA, Canada, ANZ, HK, China, Malaysia, UK + most EU countries for just US$0.06c/min. The call quality at that competitive rate is excellent, especially when compare it to making IDD calls with some of the cheap international calling cards that are available on the market today.

SIM Cards Asia have a number of SIM cards for sale in Cambodia. You can buy your Cambodian SIM card from us before you leave home, which means that you can give out your new Cambodia mobile number to friends and family before you travel. Please view our Cambodia SIM card product listing.

2. Hello network was set up by Malaysia’s biggest mobile cellular network – Celcom Axiata. Hello offer numerous SIM cards for sale but probably their best SIM card, for the visitor to Cambodia, is their brilliant TravelSIM Pack which comes with US$10 call credit balance and has fairly competitive calling rates.

From Cambodia a call to Australia,NZ,USA,Canada, HK,Maca,France,India,Thailand,Brunei and Vietnam will cost you US$0.13c/min and to call UK, Germany,Spain, Portugal, Russia, Denmark, Pakistan, Kuwait, UAE, New Zealand it will cost you $0.15c/min. Calls to other countries will cost US$25c/min. International SMS to all countries from US$0.08/SMS.

3. Metfone have recently won numerous awards for outstanding customer service and business operations. Most recently Metfone won “Best Operator in a Developing Market” at the World Communications Awards 2011.

Metfone have various SIM cards for sale and one of the most popular, and economical for call rates, is the MetEco pre-paid SIM card. Using the MetEco SIM card, local calls are US$0.06c/min to numbers within the Cambodia network and IDD calls start from $0.10c/min to Canada, China, Indian, South Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, USA, Việt Nam. IDD calls are US$0.15c/min to Australia, France, German, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippine, Russia, Spain, Sudan, Taiwan, United Kingdom and US$0.20c/min to other countries.

Many locals argue that Beeline has overall the better network coverage, particularly in the country provinces, compared to Metfone and Hello. However, with Metfone’s recent investment in their network improvement program, the other two network operators will have some serious competition on their hands!

Beeline Cambodia currently has the lowest IDD call rates in Cambodia.


The 3 biggest networks with SIM cards for sale in Malaysia are Celcom, Digi and Maxis.

1. Celcom have the largest network coverage in Malaysia and they offer a whole variety of sim cards for sale. I would say that the best one to go for, to get the lowest IDD rates, would be the Celcom XPAX Sukses. XPAX calling rates are the lowest in Malaysia, for example, you can make IDD calls to the UK and most European countries for RM2.28/min  and with SMS text messages charged at RM0.50/SMS. IDD calls to the US,Canada,Australia cost RM0.18/min and SMS text messages RM0.20/SMS.

Also Celcom XPAX can provide you with an unlimited 3G internet service for just RM5.00/day. This is the cheapest 3G internet service currently available in Malaysia.  For a full country-by-country listing of the Celcom XPAX calling rates, please have a look at our Malaysia SIM card product listing.

2. Digi, the operator of the GSM 1800mHz network in Malaysia, have SIM cards for sale to suit just about every type of mobile user. I would say that the best one to go for would be the Digi Best Pre-paid SIM card, which is pre-loaded with RM5.00 of call credit and you can start making calls to numbers within Malaysia for RM00.10/min and SMS RM0.01/SMS.

3. Maxis network have a slightly smaller number of SIM cards for sale compared to Celcom and Digi. However, Maxis offer great caller value with the Maxis Hotlink prepaid SIM which comes with RM4.00 call credit. The IDD call rates start from RM2.50/min to UK plus most European countries and calls to US/CAN and ANZ cost from RM2.60/min.


The mobile cellular market is very competitive in Thailand. The top 3 networks being AIS 1-2-CALL, TRUE and DTAC.

1. AIS 1-2-CALL network have a huge range of SIM cards for sale and it can be a tough decision to know which one to buy! The AIS Freedom 1-2-CALL SIM is probably the best for making calls to other numbers within Thailand and also has GPRS/EDGE internet service for just B25.00/3hours. You can also add on a value-added service depending on how you want to use the SIM, like a 3G internet service which is a lot faster than the GPRS/EDGE service. IDD rates start at B0.08/min and SMS text from B0.03/SMS.

The Freedom 1-2-CALL sim card comes in a standard sized SIM and also micro-SIM for use in iPhone 3,4 and iPad 2. You can read more about the Freedom 1-2-CALL SIM card by viewing our Thailand SIM card product listing.

2. TRUE network have a large range of SIM cards for sale and they provide an economical international SIM card called TRUE InterSIM. Using the TRUE InterSIM you can make IDD calls to Australia, NZ, HK, China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, USA & Canada, UK + most EU Countries for a tiny 1 Baht per minute! IDD Calls made to other countries start from 6 Baht per minute. The call quality is very good and at the call rate of 1Baht/min makes this TRUE InterSIM a very flexible alternative to using VOIP call providers like Skype or numerous international calling cards.

3. DTAC network have a number of SIM cards for sale that would certainly help you save money when making local and IDD calls from Thailand. DTAC Happy Tourist SIM makes the best choice for the traveller visiting Thailand who may need to make a lot of IDD calls. The Happy Tourist SIM has a low IDD call rate of B3.00/min and free unlimited DTAC 3G/EDGE internet service for the first 24hours after activation and domestic calls to number within Thailand are B1.25/min.

For Thailand, out of the 3 networks discussed, I would recommend using the TRUE InterSIM as it has the lowest IDD call rate at 1 Baht per minute and the call quality is still very good even at that low rate. You can get one of these cards from us by visiting our TRUE InterSIM product listing page here and you’ll also be able to view the full country IDD call rate list.

SIM Cards For Sale


The mobile phone market is still growing in Vietnam and the 3 main networks are MobiFone, Vinaphone and Viettel.

1. Mobifon have many SIM cards for sale

At SIM Cards Asia we have many different types of SIM cards for sale and we can even supply you with the iPad 2 and the micro SIM cards for iPhone 4 for most of the South East Asian mobile cellular network operators.

So whether you’re off to Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia or Vietnam.. we have SIM cards for sale for all of these South East Asian countries.

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