SIM Cards For Cell Phones

Subscribing to a mobile cellular network that can supply you with SIM cards for cell phones is a must to get the best service that you require from your phone.It’s the network that decides the kind of service your cell phone provides.

Therefore, choosing the right mobile phone network is essential to make full use of your mobile ‘gizmo’!

In this article I will provide you with some information about the UK mobile phone networks, so that you can make an informed decision on which network to buy your SIM cards from. And I’ll also be providing you with some information on how to unlock your mobile cell phone so that you can use it on any cellular network.

In the UK, at present, there are six major cellular network providers; 3 Network, T Mobile,Vodafone, Virgin and Orange. The UK mobile phone industry is very competitive and due to this close competition existing among these six networks, many offer free line rentals, free handsets, free talk-time and free SMS texting with their SIM cards for cell phones offers and deals.

3 network

The 3 network offers SIM cards for cell phones with a pure 3G service and brings together video calling, video clips,location services, content browsing and fantastic interactive games. So, you can now forget text messages telling you yesterday’s news because you have the 3 Network to receive video news bulletins, updated four times in a day. To know your current location, your favourite restaurant and how to get there is all possible using the 3 Network.

O2 network

O2 is one of the UK’s leading provider of SIM cards for cell phones and a whole bunch of mobile services to consumers and businesses in the UK. Being the leader in non-voice services, including text, media messaging, mobile games, music and video, as well as data connections via GPRS, 3G and WLAN, O2 is now the ultimate choice for many millions of people in the UK.


T-Mobile is another leading network in the UK. T-Mobile offers phone users more flexibility with their SIM cards for cell phones and mobile contracts having introduced their new pricing structure called the ‘FlexT’ tarriff. FlexT allows T-Mobile users to choose and mix-n-match different combinations of voice minutes, text messages, picture messages and voice mails which they receive as part of their contract.


Vodafone has grown to be one of the largest UK mobile network. From the company’s humble beginnings with take over of the old Cellnet network, they have grown into a large and competitive mobile network. Vodafone offer SIM cards for cell phones in two ways; pay monthly plans and pay-as-you-go/pre-paid mobile plan.Vodafone seems to dominate the pre-paid/pay-as-you-go market in the UK and the company has some of the lowest call rates for mobile talk-time and 3G internet services.

Virgin Mobile

Richard Bransons major network in UK that offers a broad range of mobile communications products and services, including mobile voice and non-voice services, including SMS, MMS and 3G etc. Virgin Mobile’s SIM cards for cell phones are available in both as pre-paid/pay-as-you-go and monthly calling plans.


Finally; there is Orange, one of the most recognised and strongest providers of SIM cards for cell phones in the world. It has gathered enormous popularity due to its service, quality and innovation.

All these six mobile cellular networks are highly capable to cater to the need of keeping the mobile phone users connected and provide sufficient entertainment too. Subscribing to any of these networks SIM cards for cell phones will enable you to get a cost effective deal and enjoy high quality service.

SIM Cards For Cell Phones

Unlocking your mobile cell phone

Out-of-the-box unlocked phones are well known in the UK, Europe and across Asia. Approximately 70-80% of phones are unlocked in Europe in Asia. High end unlocked phones typically sell for $ 600-$ 700 USD and it’s quite shocking that people will spend that much for a ‘quick fix’ so that they can use any networks SIM cards for cell phones in their mobile phone.

In North America, only 5% of the population owns an unlocked phone. The main reason behind this is due to North American carriers rewarding users to extend contracts by subsidizing prices on phones.

Benefits of an unlocked phone

The benefis of unlocking your phone or an unlocked phone is that it allows you to use SIM cards for cell phones from 100’s of GSM network carriers worldwide, in just one,single phone. A common misconception is that the benefit is limited to using say an Orange phone on the T-mobile network or vice versa. However, the real benefit is that it completely eliminates all international roaming fees!

How to unlock your phone

There is a more economical way of unlocking your phone. Rather than paying $ 600-$ 700 USD for a phone, you can pay a small one time fee of $ 20-$ 60. Cellfservices, a leading US company in the GSM unlocking industry provides these services and can provide these services —

Another option is to contact the original network that provided you with the phone and SIM cards for cell phones. They can send you the phone’s PUK code which you can then enter into the phone to unlock it. The network may charge you for the PUK code and it all depends on how long you have been with the network and how much money you’ve spent on cells,messages etc.

Which mobile phones can be unlocked?

Virtually any GSM phone can be unlocked. A GSM phone is a device which can take SIM cards for cell phones from various mobile phone network providers. If you having problems getting your phone unlocked, then you can always contact the phone manufacturer’s service centre, even if the phone is out of warranty they should still help you out.

How to use your unlocked cell phone

After purchasing an unlock code and entering it into your phone, you will not eliminate the possibility of having to pay high international roaming fees. International Roaming fees accrue once you step on foreign soil. Your phone will automatically link with one of your network’s international roaming partners (ex. If you are British on T-mobile, travelling to Malaysia, as soon as you hit Malaysian soil, your phone will say Celcom Malaysia). Even if you receive a phone call and do not pick up, you will be charged more than $1.50 for your phone going to the Voice mail.

So how do we get rid of the international roaming fees? Simple! Buy a local SIM cards for cell phones before you leave home and you won’t have to worry about high international roaming charges when you arrive at your destination country.

If, for example, you’re planning a trip to Cambodia, then you’ll need a Cambodia SIM card and we can supply you with one before you travel. This enables you to give out your new Malaysia SIM card mobile number to friends and family before you leave home!

Alternatively you could always buy a pre-paid SIM cards for cell phones when you arrive, but I guess buying before you leave home give you one less thing to worry about when you arrive at your country destination. Also you’ll be able to make calls the minute you step off the plane and while your waiting for your luggage at the carousel!

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