Malaysia SIM Card: Truly Asia

Our recent trip to Malaysia took us to 3 sensational destinations that we highly recommend one should visit whilst you are there.

The ad campaign of ‘Truly Asia’ is not merely a trick to tempt visitors to Malaysia (although it does a quite good job of it!) The nation is undoubtedly ‘truly asia’ and this is reflected in the spirit of the Malaysia people, but one would never feel this till the moment they experience it for themselves. So with iPhone in one hand, loaded with our Malaysia SIM card, and small travel bag in the other, we headed off on our travel adventure…

Kuching: The state capital of Koching lies along the bank of the Sungai Sarawak, exhibiting beauty in all feasible ways. It features an ambience that is elegant & cutting edge, yet as mild and indomitable as may be at the very same time. In Malay, Kuching means ‘cat’, and the town exhibits all the features of the feline types, for it is unpredictability in numerous ways. Untill the 19th century, Kuching was recognized as Sarawak, and was renamed by Charles Brooke in 1872. It has its very own distinct identity that matches other big towns in Malaysian Borneo, and has an exceptional degree of religious, racial and also social acceptance.

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Regardless of its huge size, Kuching is conspicuously pretty and also isolated in the outlying areas lying along the river. One can easily wander at leisure at the landscaped yards and parks along the promenade to see the views and perspective of the Bungo mountains that rise above the morning mist. There are numerous cultural destinations and also great possibilities for consuming and also drinking. In short, Kuching is the excellent starting point for exploring the state.

Kuala Lumpur: Contrary to public opinion, Kuala Lumpur is a great deal more than just a capital town. For the country of Malaysia, it represents the resolution that is a characteristic of the Malay individuals. The city had moderate beginnings, starting out as a tin-mining village, and today it is a global metropolis that is both amazing as well as enviable at the exact same time.

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The city has had its fair share of obstacles, however it has actually never backed down, and that is probably the main reason its unparalleled success. The social range is even rather striking, as Indian migrants, British Expats, Ethnic Malays and Chinese migrants have actually played a just as crucial role in raising Kuala Lumpur to its existing size.

Melaka: Unknown to many visitors to Malaysia, this small state of Melaka is the hotspot for several vacationers who wish to visit the historic town of the same name. Melaka has a habit forming multicultural environment that would not be seen anywhere else in the world, besides the normal Malaysian component of great food, shopping as well as a huge range of accommodation choices!

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Whilst we were in Malaysia, our Malaysia SIM card worked a treat! We used the Celcom Traveller SIM card, and not just for making or receiving calls I might add, but also for checking emails and uploading our holiday pictures to Flickr! Thanks to the fast Celcom 3G internet service and surprisingly good  Celcom network coverage, we could update our travel blog in all the places we visited and it resulted in great savings with no dropped calls.

Well done Celcom… you got our vote! For more information related to SIM cards for Malaysia, please visit our Malaysia SIM card product listing.

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