iPhone 5/5S/6 SIM THAILAND

iPhone nano-SIM card for the AIS 12CALL network Thailand, which can be used in your unlocked iPhone 5,/5S/6. ALL INCOMING CALLS & TEXT MESSAGES ARE FREE! Local calls to numbers within Thailand cost 2 Baht/min and international IDD calls to numbers outside Thailand start from 10 Baht/min.

Buying Your SIM Card Now Allows You To Give Out Your Thailand Number To Family, Friends and Business Contacts Before You Leave Home!

This AIS 12CALL iPhone 5 SIM comes pre-loaded with 20 Baht of call credit and you can top up your SIM card in thousands of places all over Thailand such as  7-Eleven, Family Mart, Tesco-Lotus, night market phone seller stalls,Petrol Gas stations and Railway station or Airport kiosks.

Grab your AIS 12Call SIM from us today for $25.95 by clicking the ‘order now’ button below,

Iphone 5 SIM


We can also top up your AIS 1 2 call iPhone 5 SIM via the electronic system. We can add top up credit to your nano SIM Thai number regardless of what country you are currently in. Please see our 12Call Top Up product listing in ‘Top-up Credit – Thailand’ category.

AIS 3G Internet Plans

There are a number of daily, weekly and monthly internet plans, some come with unlimited 3G internet access. You can choose to add any of the following internet plans to your AIS 12CALL iPhone 5 SIM,

1 Day Plans

iphone-5-sim - Iphone 5 SIM

* Connection speed drops to 384kbps (GPRS) after limit is exceeded

7 Day Plans

iphone-5-SIM - Iphone 5 SIM

Monthly Plans

iphone-5-SIM - Iphone 5 SIM

* Connection speed drops to 384kbps (GPRS) after limit is exceeded

The AIS 12CALL iPhone 5 SIM will be sent to you un-activated so that you can order well in advance of your trip to Thailand. Once you have arrived you can activate your AIS 1 2 CALL iPhone 5 sim by simply making a call and following the brief instructions in English.

You can view the latest AIS 1 2 CALL 0500 international call rates by visiting the following link:



Item shipped using Registered Airmail or EMS Courier. Please select your shipping method at our store checkout.

To purchase your AIS 12CALL SIM card, please click the ‘order now’ button below,

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