Classic Technology – iPhone 3 vs iPhone 3G

The particular mobility in which the iPhone came into current market brought a technological revolution from the cellular phone market. Most people discovered quite a few imperfections while loving it. Thus in accordance with the weak point of iPhone, Apple Inc. launched the second generation of iPhone, iPhone 3G in 9th June, 2008 which had also been increased in numerous parts. And so we are going to make a comparison of the two generations to find out what had been evolved through iPhone 3G.

1. Networks

The main difference of networks was basically most obvious difference of these two cellular phones. iPhone didn’t support the 3G networks of which made it a target to get criticized from the medias. These times, iPhone 3G had moved up to 3.5G level and also support WCDMA/HSDPA networks. As outlined by Jobs’ stating the speed is noticeably quicker versus Nokia N95.

2. Built-in features

An additional advantage for iPhone 3G is that GPS module was added that props up mobile navigation as well as placement lookup. The particular camera was just like iPhone, but for the GPS, it could actually provide geographic grid in the pictures. The cellular phone may possibly record the particular latitude, longitude and altitude on the shooting spots. And also picture element per inch (ppi) of iPhone 3G enhanced to 163 ppi coming from 160 ppi of iPhone without any enhancement with the display screen and distinguishability.

3. Battery

The battery for iPhone 3G used to be developed as preset as apple iphone. The particular standby time and speaking time of iPhone 3G have increased very much by comparing with iPhone. The conversing amount of time in 2 G networks increased out of 8 hours to 10 hours and also the standby time increased right from 250 hours to 300 a long time. But the online time, music and also video playing time decided not to improved comparing in the past. Apart from, there is also a tool from the sales package of iPhone 3G for helping the customers remove the SIM card simply.

4. Software

The development of iPhone 3G within software had been helpful. It could actually support lots of languages, Chinese, Japanese, Korean along with Asian languages. Also it support gesture recognition. The particular iPhone 2.0 firmware might possibly support AppStore software store that the developer globally can discharge by free or sell iPhone software over the store.

5. Price

The past difference which the customers may experience on their own was initially the expense of both phones. iPhone 3G was just 199 us dollars the moment this 1st enter into the marketplace. Therefore it has been much less expensive than iPhone.

Iphone 3g

All of these differences established, we could find the difference of iPhone together with iPhone 3G certainly. But also from all these are mobile phones, nevertheless they may have differences, but they couldn’t change a lot. They are Apple’s mobile phone however lets wait for more iOS updates and surely more and more features would be added on both phones from Apple.

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