Travel Easy with an International SIM card

An International SIM card is an invaluable accessory when travelling overseas. They are good for keeping you connected no matter where you are. Even a far-off country seems less ‘foreign’ when you are carrying international SIM card. With the effortless connectivity they provide, there can be no excuse for not getting one when you are planning a foreign jaunt.

You can get your card even before you start your journey. Friends, family, not to mention your business contacts, can keep in touch with you whenever required. International SIM card, whether global or country-specific, make sure that your geographical location is never a factor when you want to stay in touch.

Many international telecom companies today have a large network coverage that spans many countries.

If you are planning on going for an extensive journey that will take you across continents, opt for global SIM cards from such companies. As must be obvious by their name, these SIM cards can be used globally. This gives you the facility of using one number in hundreds of countries. Global SIM cards also offer you very affordable call and text messaging rates.

International SIM Card

If, however, you plan to travel in just one continent, you can opt for a more specific coverage plan. For example, many telecom companies offer a Europe SIM card. This can be used in all major destinations across the European Union. A Europe SIM card can also translate into huge savings on your phone bill, just like global SIM cards.

Narrowing down our focus even further, you can get country-specific international SIM cards.

Unlike the other two, these can be used in only one country. However, they will offer you the best deal while you remain within that country. The financial benefits of international SIM card include free incoming calls at all destinations within that specific country. These cards offer you cost effective local call, text messaging, and voicemail rates, and relatively low international call rates.

Global SIM cards or the Europe SIM card may not be as cheap as country specific SIMs, but they are still a far better option than keeping your cell on normal roaming, with your ordinary local SIM cards. You can save a considerable sum of money on roaming and activation charges. The benefit in terms of the time and effort you save is also an important factor. You do not have to run around looking for a new card every time you cross borders.

While searching for such international cards, choose a telecom company with a wide network. See that it has tie-ups with local networks in many countries. Only such companies can offer you the best deal. If you put in the right amount of research, you might even be able to get discounts on your SIM card rental plans.

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