DTAC Tourist Gang SIM card is ‘duo-cut’ meaning that you can use it in Smartphones that use the micro SIM card (e.g. iPhone 4/4s, iPad 2/3, Samsung Galaxy Grand 2/S3/S4) or cell phone that use the standard sized SIM card.

The DTAC Internet Tourist Gang SIM comes pre-loaded with 15Baht call credit and FREE 7-day unlimited* internet access on DTAC 3G/EDGE network. (*up to 500 MB data allowance)

You can call your friends or family as soon as you arrive in Thailand or jump on the web to update your travel blog and check your emails.  Grab you DTAC Thailand SIM card from our store for just $24.95 and forget about high roaming charges when making or receiving calls in Thailand.

Dtac Internet


ALL incoming calls and SMS text messages are FREE and when you make calls to a number within Thailand it will cost from 1 Baht/min and SMS text messages within Thailand are just 5 Baht/SMS.

3G internet access starts from 49Baht/day with 150MB data allowance and you call USA & Canada from 8Baht/min, Australia from 17 Baht/min, New Zealand from 22 Baht/min, UK from 17 Baht/min and Germany & France from 21 Baht/min.

Stay connected to your friends both in Thailand and back home with the DTAC internet tourist SIM and you’ll save money thanks to the low calling rates.


You can buy DTAC network top-up credit from thousands of places in Thailand, such as 7-Eleven, Family Mart, Tesco Lotus and phone seller stalls or shops at most shopping malls and markets. After the initial free 7-day DTAC internet allowance is used up, you can top up your balance and then choose one of the 3G internet packages shown in the table below,

Dtac-internet-plans - Dtac Internet

(Package prices subject to change without notice)


On arrival in Thailand, simply put the SIM card in your UNLOCKED Smartphone or UNLOCKED mobile cell phone. You will receive a SMS text message from Dtac confirming that the SIM card has been activated on the network.

You can contact Dtac English speaking customer service from your cell phone by calling 1678.


SIM card can be shipped using Registered Airmail or EMS Courier.

dtac-sim-card-order - Dtac Internet

You can always contact our friendly SIM Cards Asia Support Team should you have any questions, or need any help, before or after you arrive Thailand.

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