Cambodia pre-paid SIM card loaded with $2 (US Dollar) of call credit. With superb network coverage in all 24 Provinces. and available in standard, micro and nano SIM card sizes, this is the sim card for Cambodia.

Buy Your SIM Card Now and Give Out Your Number To Friends, Family and Co-workers Before You Leave Home.

Using this SIM card works out at about 85% cheaper for local and international calls compared to paying roaming charges from your home cellular network provider. International calls from $0.04/minute, calls to numbers within Cambodia $0.02/minute and for just $19.95 you can get your Cambodia SIM card from our store.

Cambodia SIM Card

With a Cambodia SIM card, you can forget about high roaming charges when making or receiving calls in Cambodia!

The SIM card can be used in any unlocked cell phone or Smartphone that supports the GSM 900/1800mhz mobile network bands.

If your mobile phone is SIM locked to your home cellular network provider, then we recommend that you call them up to see if you can obtain the PUK unlock codes for your phone. Another option would be to buy an inexpensive cell phone for use on your trip to Cambodia.


ALL incoming calls and SMS text messages are FREE. When you make calls to a number within Cambodia it will cost from just $0.02 (US cents) per minute and SMS text messages to other mobile numbers within Cambodia are $0.10/SMS text message. IDD International calls from just $0.04 cents per minute!


beeline-internet - Cambodia SIM Card  (Fair use policy applies, excessive downloads will result in speed drop to 256 kbps)


The included $2 call credit has a validity of 30 days from the date of activation and for any amount of credit you top-up an additional 30 days validity is added. You can buy Beeline top-up cards from many places in Cambodia like Caltex or Tela petrol stations, Smile Family Mart (similar 7-Eleven, Tesco Express) and other small grocery stores.

SIM cards have a validity of 12 months from activation. The number will remain active on the network after 12 months, providing that it is topped up with a minimum of $1/month.


Under Cambodia Telecommunications Law, all SIM cards must be registered using customer ID. Therefore, we require a scan of your Passport’s picture page which has your your full name, date of birth,nationality, Passport number and Passport issue & expiry dates on it. We can then register your sim with the network and then ship it to you.

You will not be able to make or receive any calls using your sim until this registration process has been completed.


On arrival in Cambodia, simply put your sim into your unlocked Smartphone or cell phone, switch it on and it will automatically register with the network.

If you require, we can email you your new number after receiving your cleared payment. We also supply SIM cards for most other SE Asian countries, available in standard, micro and nano card sizes. Please see our other product listings.


Registered Airmail or EMS Courier options are available at our store checkout.

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