Apps for iPad

Apps for iPad are now available for just about anything! Apple’s iPad has grabbed the imagination of today’s youth, and it is said that the iPad and similar tablet devices will start to replace PC’s and laptops in near future. The popularity of iPad is huge and its increasing sales have led to the development of a huge number apps for you to download.

This article will reveal some of the best iPad Apps available today and I also want to share with you how you can have a go at creating your own iPad apps for fun and you can always sell them in the Apple store.

While iPad is a ground-breaking product, your iPad will come with just a few basic programs. Fortunately, there are millions of apps for iPad that you can download from the Apple app store.

Unfortunately iPad apps cost more than iPhone apps, so it is best not to download a lot of useless apps. The following is a list of what I believe are the 7 best apps for iPad

1. Dropbox

The chances are that if you own an iPad, then you are more than likely to have a laptop and a PC aswell. By using Dropbox will save you all the hassle to trying to transfer data from one device to another using a pen drive. Once you install Dropbox and configure it, any file you have to your Dropbox account will be automatically saved to your iPhone, iPad, laptop, PC, and also on the Dropbox site.  Dropbox is free to download.

2. PhotoShop Express

I think that his is the best photo apps for iPad to come out of iPad application development. Adobe’s Photoshop Express is the perfect app for viewing photos and editing photos (you an flip, rotate, straighten and crop the images). Using this app, you can also give different effects to your photo using filter and other devices. While all the features might not be compatible to the iPad, this is a great app for iPad.

3. 1Password

One of the most expensive iPad apps, however, it is the most secure app on this list. This is a great site for storing all your passwords and other important information. If you face problems with remember all your user names and passwords, you can save them on 1Password and relax, this is one of the most secure password sites on the internet.

4. Kindle

Are you spending to much on books and would like to change over to reading eBooks?  Well you need to install the Kindle app on your iPad so you can get access to a huge selection of books. The best part is that if you already have an existing Kindle account, you can get all your books on your iPad simply by logging in on your account through iPad!

5. iDisplay

Using this app for iPad will show you how creative iPad application development can get! This app finds a place on my list not because it is very useful, but because it is simply incredible. After downloading this app you can use your iPad as a side monitor for your computer.

6. Angry Birds

This game has gone viral and I reckon what is the point of buying an iPad if you are not going to install Angry Birds, right? Install the Angry Birds iPad app and then whenever you feel bored or tired, playing this game will help revitalize you!

7. Amazon Windowshop

If you do most of your shopping on the internet or if you like browsing the Amazon web site for hours, this is the best apps for iPad. This app will make it easier for you to find and choose the best products at the lowest prices, thus improving your online shopping experience.

Would you like to know how you can develop your own iPad apps and then make money by selling them in the Apple store?

Apps For IpadThe overall sales of tablets are forecast to hit 55 million units by late 2012 (Gartner Reasearch). As a result of this, the demand for (and sales of) iPad apps will shoot through the roof! Imagine if you could create and then sell your own iPad app in the Apps store. I recommend a course called iPad App Cash, that provides a step-by-step system that will show you how to create, market and sell your very own apps for iPad… and you don’t need any programming skills!


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