AIS 3G Internet Thailand

AIS 3G internet service covers most large cities and metropolitan areas in Thailand.

AIS provide one of the best 3G networks to use when visiting and travelling around in Thailand.

Network ‘drop-outs’ are a very rare occurrence, due to the reliable network of 3G transmissions towers that AIS have installed across Thailand over the last 5 years.

When you’re not in a 3G coverage area, the AIS system will seamlessly switch you over to the AIS GPRS/EDGE network.

The GPRS/EDGE network provides a very reliable and constant mobile internet connection that covers 99% of Thailand. Although considerably slower than the 3G network, GPRS/EDGE is more than fast enough for checking emails, updating your travel blog and general internet browsing.

AIS 3G Footprint AIS 3G Internet

Unsurprisingly, Bangkok has the best AIS 3G internet coverage.

All main metropolitan areas of the city have access to the fast AIS 3G internet service, and as you can see from the map on the right, the 3G footprint just about covers the whole Bangkok area.

By using an AIS SIM Card, you can easily access the 3G network from your 3G Smartphone, iPhone, iPad and through a wireless 3G USB adapter on your Laptop or PC.

The 3G AIS network footprint also reaches most of the outer suburbs of Bangkok.

If your planning to visit Pattaya or Jomtien in Chon Buri province then you’ll be pleased to hear that accessing the network is very easy.

AIS 3G Chon Buri - AIS 3G Internet

AIS recently upgraded most of their cellular transmission towers in Chon Buri province, in preparation for the new AIS 4G network roll-out in the near future.

You can enjoy fast internet access in Pattaya and just about all the coastal areas in Chon Buri province, resulting in a dramatic increase in locals and visitors alike enjoying a fast mobile internet experience with AIS.

This has certainly caught the eye of AIS rival networks who are working hard to try to gain a larger market share in the 3G and new 4G network markets in Thailand.

If your visit to Thailand will take you to Chang Mai in the north, then you’ll discover that the AIS 3G network has very good coverage, even in some of the country areas that surround Chang Mai.

In the gateway city for the Golden Triangle, you can browse the internet at lightning speeds of up to 7.2mbps. This makes AIS an excellent choice for those who wish to make high AIS 3G Chang Mai - AIS 3G Internetquality video calls to friends, family or business associates back home.

The uploading of High Definition videos and holiday pictures to your travel blog or social media sites can be done fast and with great ease.

It is also worth mentioning that if you have a Wi-Fi enabled Smartphone, iPad or iPhone, then you’ll have the ability to access the AIS Wif-Fi network. In addition to their 3G service, AIS have also implemented a Wi-Fi network that covers most cities and some country areas of Thailand.

Using the AIS Wi-Fi network can work out slightly more cost-effective than using the AIS 3G internet service. It really depends on what type of AIS pre-paid SIM card you are using and which pre-paid call plan you have activated.

If you wish to use the AIS Wi-Fi network with a Smartphone/Andriod phone, then I would recommend the AIS Freedom SIM card. For iPhone or iPad phones that require a micro-SIM card, then the AIS Micro Net SIM would make the most cost-effective choice.The NetSIM and Freedom SIM cards, both of which are available from the SIM Cards Asia store,

AIS 3G Phuket - AIS 3G Internetcome with full access to the AIS 3G internet and Wi-Fi networks.One of the top holiday destinations for visitors in Thailand, is the beautiful island of Phuket.

Over the last few years Phuket has seen a massive boom in visitor numbers and many people choose to buy a holiday home or apartment on the island.

So it is good to know that AIS have an excellent presence in Phuket, because both the AIS 3G internet and Wi-Fi networks are available on the island.

You can see from the Phuket island map on the right, that the 3G coverage in Phuket is on a par with Pattaya and Chang Mai.

So should you decide to go on a scuba diving, snorkelling or fishing trip then you will still be able to connect to the 3G service from the boat!

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